CATALINA CAVAZOS is a luxury, accessible, ready-to-wear brand designed for versatile women for any contemporary lifestyle. The CC woman possesses a combination of the feminine, sensual, delicate, and romantic beauty which fuses in turn with the touch of the strong, powerful, and independent woman. It is a modern brand, mixing elements of the classic feminine aesthetic with minimalism. It is inspired by a fusion of art, fashion, and modernist aesthetics. The brand strives to offer a variety of harmonious elements with exceptional quality, with the intention to create timeless collections that are always current, feminine, and relevant.

CC is produced in limited edition to maintain the highest levels of quality and exclusivity.

Our objectives are sophistication, exclusivity, and uniqueness. When acquiring our pieces, you acknowledge that you are buying a HANDMADE, ethical, and unique piece. Every piece is made specifically for each of our special clients. We are a dedicated, slow fashion brand where individuality and distinctiveness are what portray us.

Our objective and intention when producing our products is that they serve our clients for a long time.  This encourages everyone to avoid acquiring excessively, and instead buying garments of a higher quality made with a sustainable process.  It also creates emphasis on the art of clothes-making and celebrates the skills of the craftspeople who make them.

It encourages us to buy less garments at higher quality, made from more sustainable processes.  It also puts emphasis on the art of clothes making and celebrates the skills of the craftspeople who make them.


Some characteristics of our Slow Fashion brand

  • Made from high quality, sustainable materials
  • Often in smaller (local) stores rather than huge chain enterprises
  • Locally sourced, produced and sold garments
  • Few, specific styles per collection, which are released twice or maximum three times per year.


Catalina Cavazos studied Textile Design and Fashion at the University of Monterrey. During that period she took several courses at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles; at Parsons and the Manhattan Institute of Management in New York; and at the Professional Image Design Institute in Mexico City. Her professional practices were carried out in the offices, workshops and boutiques of Jill Stuart in New York.

 "As a woman I have come to value the freedom to get what I want and to be able to have the personal satisfaction of being able to do what I like most, which is fashion. My inspiration is the women passionate about life, with a lot of inner strength and with a very motivating story in the background; that they are not afraid to get what they want and go behind it without ever losing romanticism. I want the CC woman to feel sensual and powerful with what she is wearing and to be a tribute to all the beauty that each one has inside ". - CATALINA CAVAZOS